Back Creek Christian Academy

Address: 1827 Back Creek Church Rd. Charlotte, NC 28213
Voice: 704.549.4101
Fax: 704.548.1152
Contact: Janet Ballard, Head of School -


Back Creek Christian Academy is a Christian and Classical School in the University City area of Charlotte, NC. It is located at the intersection of I-485, Hwy 49 and Back Creek Church Road on the edge of Harrisburg. BCCA is a Kindergarten through Eighth grade school on the campus of Back Creek Presbyterian Church.

The vision for the school is built on a Christian foundation by encouraging students to see all of life as belonging to God. Students are challenged to look at the world from His perspective, to think Christianly; to see themselves as valuable because they and their classmates are made in His image. The vision includes a classical approach to learning which means learning the basics (grammar) of every subject, teaching students to reason carefully about what they are learning (logic), and to write and speak to persuade others (rhetoric).

The faculty presents material with a view to the connections in learning. Teaching is integrated around essential questions. Latin is begun to strengthen critical thinking skills as well as English grammar and vocabulary skills. The program includes an emphasis on the fine arts, chorus, a variety of clubs, physical education and team sports. After School Care is available.