Covenant Day School

Address: 800 Fullwood Lane Matthews, NC 28105
Voice: 704.847.2385
Fax: 704.849.2249
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This mission of Covenant Day School is to assist Christian families by offering an education marked by academic excellence framed in a biblical worldview so that our students will be salt and light for Godís glory.

A biblical worldview. Our teachers train students to connect their Christian faith with learning. All of creation is like a grand textbook revealing the glory of its Creator. Accordingly, our students are taught specifically how to understand various subjects from a biblical perspective so they come to see the glory of God in all they study. Academic excellence. We are passionately committed to the pursuit of excellence throughout the educational program. In a world dominated by mediocrity, CDS strives to help each student realize his or her God-given potential. We are pleased to be accredited by both SACS and CSI.

At CDS, we:

1. Maintain an equal and sustained emphasis on the academic and spiritual development of our students (not ignoring one at the expense of the other),

2. Develop a standards based curriculum, and 3. Go to extraordinary lengths to hire and retain some of the finest Christian faculty in the country, believing that a school is only as good as its teachers.